Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shall we begin?

I have created this post to have a real discussion about the issues facing the Tennessee Legislature. This is not poke fun at elected officials or comment on that state of politics (interesting as it may be), but to get the pros and cons of the issues. I hope you will find a reasoned dialog about these issues and contribute to the discussion.


autoegocrat said...

Very clever name.

Gerald L. said...

Sometimes there are important issues which candidates need to be informed about. Having the candidate set the topics (as with this blog) can stifle this feedback, so consider ways to open up the discussion -- maybe a specific blog section for constituent ideas.

Meanwhile, here is my topic of the day. A group of REPUBLICAN legislators has pushed legislation to require photo ids in voting (passed in the TN Senate, pending in House). This would do nothing to avoid dead voter scandals, or to provide auditable election results, but it would deny voting access to the elderly and non-drivers. I have always used my voter registration card for identification at the polls, which would be prohibited under this bill!?

Florida passed similar legislation a few years back, and Katherine Harris used it to great effect to disenfranchise voters. The result? George W. Bush. We do not need laws to get the Bushes elected while denying Democracy to the rest of us. Bad law, bad Republicans.

Anonymous said...

What are you gonna do about all them illegal aliens? Most of you Democrats have gone all soft on the issue and are talking about amnesty whereas all the Republicans want to lock them all up or ship them out. Where is the tax money gonna come from to pay for that? I do not want my taxes raised for that nor do I want to see them get off easily.